Landscape Definitive of Liechtenstein

17 Aug 2018  Fri

The independent issue of Liechtenstein began in the year 1945. Liechtenstein stamps are among the most beautifully designed of any other country in Europe. In the year 1949 two more beautiful stamps were added to this series.

Known as the Landscape Definitive series, these stamps were added to the contemporary Landscape Definitive postage stamp series of 1944-1945. Two stamps were issued in the year 1949 which are:

The first stamp was issued in April 1949. It is the 3 Rp. denomination stamp, originally issued in 1944, however this new issue has been re-valued to 5 Rp. The design features the small village of Planken.

The other stamp was issued in the month of December. It is a re-issue of the 5 Rp. denominations, originally issued in 1944. However, the color has been changed from the original slate green and buff to dark brown and buff. The design features a view of the village of Bendern.

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