Highlights at Classical Numismatic Gallery Auction

16 Aug 2018  Thu

On 11th August in Ahmadabad coin and currency Fair 2018 Classical Numismatics Gallery held Auction No. 31. In this auction different periods of Indian and foreign coins, currency, stamps and other accessories were auctioned. This biggest surprising highlight of this auction was the silver rupee of Dawar Bakhsh from Lahore Mint which was sold for INR 19, 00,000. This coin is a Very fine+ and extremely rare.

The second in the line was the above shown gold Dinara of the Rastrakuta king Govinda III. It’s an extremely fine and extremely rare specimen. This gold coin was auctioned for INR 12, 00,000. Similarly, the gold dinar of the Gupta King Kumara Gupta I went for INR 6, 00,000. Another gold coin of the Gupta king Samudra Gupta was sold for INR 4, 00,000.

Further, this auction also bought Paper currency for the collectors. The 25 rupees of Bank of Madras went for INR 9, 05,000. The commemorative gold 10 Pahlavi of Iran was also auctioned for INR 2, 50,000.

This Classical Numismatic Gallery auction bought quite good and fascinating coin. There were many different coins and papery money auctioned at a very delightful prices.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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