Newspaper Tax Stamp of the Duchy of Modena

14 Aug 2018  Tue

The Duchy of Modena, located in the Northwestern portion of the Italian Peninsula, existed from 1452-1859, with the exception of the Napoleonic War. After 1814, the duchy was ruled by the royal House of Este.

The first Italian States stamps for the Duchy of Modena were issued in 1852. The most interesting stamp is the Newspaper Tax Stamp issued in February 1859. The newspaper tax stamp is hand stamped on a paper with black ink which gives it a look of a newspaper.

The stamp is denominated with 10 Cents and features a crowned eagle within a double circle. The inscription in the circle reads “Tassa Gazette” that starts at 8 o’clock. The denomination Cent 10 is at the bottom centre. The panes outside the circle are decorated with three leafed design.

These stamps were used to pay the fiscal tax on newspapers coming from foreign countries.

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