Five Shahi of Husayn I

13 Aug 2018  Mon

Sultan Husayn was a Safavid Shah of Iran. He ruled from 1694 until he was overthrown in 1722 by rebellious Mahmud Hotaki, an Afghan of Pashtun ethnic background. His reign saw the downfall of the Safavid dynasty.

In the Safavid era, gold, silver, bronze, and copper coins were minted; however, silver and bronze coins were used in trade exchanges and gold coins were usually used in festivals and ceremonies. The names and titles of kings and date and mint name were written on the Safavid coins and most titles were written in the form of Persian poetry.

In the reign of Sultan Husayn, coins were of very high grade despite the undesired political and social conditions of the country.

The above shown 5 Shahi was issued in the reign of Husayn I from Tabriz mint in 1126 AH. The obverse of a coin depicts with Shia Kalima ‘La Ilaha Illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah Ali Waliulla’. The reverse of a coin depicts king’s name and title.

Image Source: Google Images

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