Akbar’s Gold Mohur Sold For INR 1,00,000

13 Aug 2018  Mon

The Mughal Empire is perhaps one of the empires which hardly require any introduction. It is one of the largest empires to rule over the Indian subcontinent during the medieval period. The period of the Mughals is known as the golden era which starts with the victory of Babur over Ibrahim Lodi in the First Battle of Panipat, up till its decline with the death of Aurangzeb in the year 1707.

Akbar was the third ruler of the Mughal Dynasty in India from 1556 to 1605 AD. Coins of Akbar reflect the power of this mighty empire and they are the most exquisite and varied among the ones that were minted by other Mughal emperors.

This beautiful gold mohur issued by Mughal emperor Akbar from the mint Dar-ul-Sultanate Lahore, in the Hijri year 975 weighs around 10.7g. The obverse of the coin is inscribed with name and title of the king with Hijri date 975. The reverse of the coin is inscribed with ‘Kalima’ within eight foils, names of caliphs in margins, foliated border.

This rare gold mohur was sold for INR 1,00,000 at Todywalla Auction held in Mumbai on 5th August 2018.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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