Ireland's Royal Dublin Society 2nd Centenary Stamp

10 Aug 2018  Fri

Formed on June 25, 1731, the Royal Dublin Society is a philanthropic organization to promote and develop agriculture, arts, industry, and science in Ireland.

In the year 1931, the society completed the 2nd centenary year i.e. 200 hundred years since its formation. Hence, to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Royal Dublin Society, the Ireland post issued a significant stamp.

The stamp came with the denomination of 2 pinsin (2pense), and features a farmer with a scythe symbolizing the aims of the society to increase and improve the art of husbandry. The stamp shows the farmer in the centre the name of country at the top and the years 1731-1931 with Irish Inscription at the bottom.

Another stamp, commemorating 250th anniversary was issued in 1981.

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