World Lion Day

10 Aug 2018  Fri

Today August 10th is designated as World Lion day to spread awareness about the alarming declining population of these big wild cats. This celebration for the king of the jungle was founded by Big Cat rescue. The other motive of this day is to spread awareness regarding lion conservation because this fearsome and ferocious feline is on the verge to place on the endangered list. It is assumed that a hundred years ago the population of lions was in millions, but today the estimate population in between 20,000 to 35,000.

To celebrate this day we have an awesome coin for you all. This potin coin belongs to the Shatavahana dynasty during Satakarni I rein. It depicts this majestic hunter. The obverse of this coin depicts an ornamented lion in the standing position facing left towards a Yupa in railing (off-flan). A three-arched hill is featured between this mighty feline leg and curled long folded tail with Brahmi legend around it.

The reverse of this coin depicts a Ujjain symbol with a dot in between each orb with Nandipada symbols alternative placed in sequence.

We all can celebrate this day as we want which will help and increase the chance this incredible and unbelievable animal will again freely grace our planet.

Image Courtesy: Amit Udeshi

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