Muhammad Bin Sam’s Gold Dinar Listed at INR 1,50,000

10 Aug 2018  Fri

Muhammad Bin Sam is also known as Muhammad Bin Ghori, He took the name Muhammad Bin Sam after sitting on the throne. Muhammad Bin Sam was born in the year 1162 CE.

After the second battle of Tarai, coins were issued in his name in all the three metals gold, silver, billon and copper. The gold coins were imitation of the coins that were in current circulation in the country. On the obverse side of this coin seated Laxmi and on the reverse side of this coin he inscribed Devanagari legend ‘Sri Muhammad Bin Sam’. ‘Bull and horsemen’ type coins were issued in billon metal. In this, ‘Nagari’ legend ‘Sri Muhammad Sam’ is inscribed above the bull and ‘Sri Hamira’ above the horseman on the reverse. Bull and horsemen types coins are of two types one has horseman on one side and Bull on the other, while other have horseman or the bull on one side with an Arabic inscription on the other.

This gold dinar was struck in his name is a posthumous issue Hijri date 604. The obverse of this coins is inscribed as ‘‘As Sultan al- Azam Muizz-ud Duniya-wa al-Din Abu al Muzaffar Muhammad bin Sam’ within a square on the obverse side. The Reverse side of the coin is inscribed as ‘La la illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, al Nasir li-Din Allah Amir al muminin’.

This gold Dinar is estimated for 1,50,000 in the upcoming auction of Classical Numismatic Gallery Auction House.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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