Kangaroo at Sunset $25 Gold Proof Coin

10 Aug 2018  Fri

The Royal Australian Mint has been organising an annual ballot for the last 11 years to sell their Kangaroo at Sunset $25 Gold Proof Coins. This year’s release is the final coin from this set.

The gold coin was introduced in 2007 and features the Mint’s signature design. Only 1000 coins would be released this year, which is why the ballot is expected to be extremely popular. All you have to do is get yourself registered with the Mint before 13th August so that you can participate in the ballot. The ballot closes on 24th September and will be drawn on 27 September. The coin can be purchased for $650.00 (AUD) each. Every customer can go for 1 ballot entry only. The Mint has plans to open a new ballot next year.

The Proof 1/5 oz 99.99% Au coin is dated 2019, has a face value of $25 AUD and a diameter of 21.69 mm. The Royal Australian Mint began a new series of coins featuring Kangaroos in 1993. They also introduced an innovative retrospective coin and bar set in 2018.

Image courtesy: The Royal Australian Mint

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