Flowers on Latest Stamps from Finland

09 Aug 2018  Thu

Finland released new Greeting stamps featuring different types of flowers on 9th May in panes of 15. The stamps were designed by Minna Immonen who is an illustrator of books and postcards.

Flowers such as Veitch’s peony, hydrangea, poppy, harebell or bluebell and daisy are featured on these stamps. Officials stated that the stamps convey sensitivity, joy, Finnishness and happiness.

Veitch’s peony has a good fragrance and double flowers bloom in spring. The colours of hydrangea are largely dependent on soil acidity. After the trench warfare in the poppy fields of Flanders during World War I, these beautiful flowers have been used to honour the brave heroes who sacrifice their lives in wars. Bluebells contain 15 biologically active compounds that may protect them from insects and animals. Daisy is a popular flower across Europe which symbolizes innocence, purity and new beginnings.

Image Courtesy: Finland Post

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