Highlight of Todywalla Auction held on 5th August 2018

08 Aug 2018  Wed

The Auction held on Sunday 5th August 2018by Todywalla Auction had a good collection of Indian and foreign gold coins with some very fascinating paper currency for collectors and fanatics. The highest biding was done for the beside shown 20 rupee uniface note, it was sold for INR 7, 20,000. This banknote belongs to Allahabad or Calcutta circle; it is signed by A.F.Cox with date 26th February 1901. Similar uniface Note of denomination 50 rupees was auctioned for INR 4, 50,000.

The second highlight of this auction is the 1000 rupee banknote; it went for INR 5, 00,000. This note was issued by Reserve Bank of India in 1970, it consists of the signature of H.V.R.Ienger. It belongs to Bombay circle. The highest Bided gold coin was the Gold Tanka of Saif al-Din Firuz Shah form Bengal Sultanate from Khanazana Mint.

Another gold coin went for INR 3, 50, 000; it is a very rare gold 5 rupee of Queen Victoria from Calcutta Mint. A similar Queen Victoria coin depicting mature bust went of the queen went for INR 1, 60,000.

From foreign coins, the extremely fine and rare gold 100 francs of King Napoleon III issued in 1858 from the Paris Mint was auctioned for INR 1, 20,000.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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