Flowers on Latest Stamps from Japan

08 Aug 2018  Wed

Japan has issued many stamps featuring flowers. Some of them were issued in the first half of June. The two stamps from the Summer Greetings set released on 1st June features morning glories and sunflowers.

10 stamps were issued on 6th June to celebrate the 69th national tree-planting festival and eight of them depicted flowers. The tree-planting festival began in 1950 as part of efforts to rebuild war-torn Japan. This year’s festival was conducted at Minamisoma, which was devastated by Tsunami on 11th March 2011.

20 stamps featuring symbolic flowers were issued in the Greetings/Flowers in Daily Life set on 13th June. Two booklets were issued, out of which one has 10 52-yen stamps, and the other has 10 82y stamps.

Image Courtesy: Japan Post

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