Numismatics Facts: Auxiliary Symbols on Coins (banker's mark)

08 Aug 2018  Wed

Coins without symbols are incomplete. Symbols play a very important in defining a coin. The prominent ones that are seen on the obverse or the reverse of the coins are the dynastic emblems or symbols. Other than these symbols we see other motifs that are sometimes referred to as ‘secondary’ or ‘auxiliary symbols’.

Many a time, you might have come across coins with the obverse, especially the face of ruler defaced with letters and symbols. Have you ever wonder what those marks could be? Have you ever heard of Bankers mark? Test cuts? Chop marks? Or Shroff marks?

Do not worry as today we have discussed these terms at length in our blog! You can read the blog here.

Ancient India makes us wonder about its various facts. The more we know, the more curious we get.

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