Serial Number 1 1905 Technicolor $20 Gold Certificate

08 Aug 2018  Wed

The history of this rare serial number 1 1905 $20 “Technicolor” Gold Certificate is connected to Theodore Roosevelt. It has the signatures of Lyons and Roberts and was the first $20 Technicolor. It features a portrait of George Washington, a red scalloped Treasury Seal and serial numbers. The golden coloured field has a $20 emblem. These notes are called Technicolor Notes because of their vibrant colours and overprints. The orange-gold reverse features the Heraldic Eagle of the Great Seal.

It has wonderful lathe work at the borders and a rich yellow field. It also has a text that reads ‘In Gold Coin’ in rich yellow. The condition is also great crisp and uncirculated. The note is well-reserved, the designs are well-centred with huge margins. The colour is vibrant as it was the first note to be out from the press. The serial number is very bold.

It was a presentation piece given to President Theodore Roosevelt by Secretary of the Treasury Leslie Mortimer Shaw. It was also Roosevelt’s personal holdings. President Roosevelt had worked closely with sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to redesign $10 and $20 gold coins which were minted from 1907 to 1933. Roosevelt might have had some influence for producing these $20 Gold Certificates as well. The note will be offered at Part II of Joel R. Anderson collection sale by Stacks and Bowers with an estimated value of $300,000 to $500,000.

Image Courtesy: Stacks and Bowers

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