Gold Pagoda of Vijaynagar sold for INR 24,000

07 Aug 2018  Tue

This gold was issued by Harihara I of Vijaynagar Empire. Vijaynagar Empire was one of the most important kingdoms of Medieval India. It was established during the 14th Century and ruled nearly around three centuries. Vijaynagar Empire was founded by Harihari I with his brother Bukka in the year 1336 CE.

Vijaynagar Empire was ruled by four different families of the Sangam Dynasty and is named after its capital, Vijayanagara, located in Karnataka. The history of Vijaynagar is full of warfare with Bahamian kingdom.

This very rare beautiful gold pagoda weighs around 3.38g. The obverse side of this coin depicts the image of a warrior walking towards the right with a raised right hand. The reverse side of this coin depicts the Kannada legend in three lines. The gold pagoda was sold for INR 24,000 at Todywalla Auction held in Mumbai on 5 August 2018.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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