Silver Rupee of Durrani Kingdom

07 Aug 2018  Tue

Ahmad Shah Durrani, also known as Ahmad Khan Abdali, was the founder of the Durrani Empire and is regarded as the founder of the modern state of Afghanistan.

Before being elected as the king in 1747 AD, Abdali was a cavalry General under the Persian emperor Nadir Shah. During Durrani’s reign, he built a vast empire that extended from eastern Persia to northern India and from the Amu Darya to the Indian Ocean.

This silver rupee was issued in the reign of Ahmed Shah Durrani in 1173 AH from Bareli mint. The obverse of the coin is inscribed with Persian legend ‘Auj Mahi Ta Bamah Sikka Az Bar Seem Wa Zar Az Ba Hukm Ahmad Badshah’ with AH year 1173. The reverse of the coin is read as ‘Zarb Bareli Sanah 14 Julus Mainamat Manus’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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