Beautiful Flowers on Stamps from Pitcairn Islands

07 Aug 2018  Tue

Pitcairn Islands issued a set of six se-tenant stamps on 18th July featuring flowering plants that are found in these islands from South Pacific. The subtropical climatic conditions of these islands are suited for these beautiful flowering plants.

The $1 stamps featured on the top row feature hibiscus, bird of paradise and hanging lobster claw. The bottom row consists of three $2 stamps that feature flamingo flower, red ginger and purple allamanda. Southern Color Print of New Zealand printed the stamps by offset while Rachel Walker designed them.

Hibiscus has several hundred species and is known for their large flowers. The genus of Bird of paradise flower is Strelitzia, which is named after the birthplace of Queen Charlotte, duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. The flower gets its name because it looks very similar to the real Bird of Paradise. The cup-shaped flower of a hanging lobster claw is a rich source of nectar for birds. The Flamingo flower plant helps remove formaldehyde, xylene, and ammonia from household air. Red ginger flowers have brightly coloured red bracts that look like the bloom, but the actual flower is the small white flower on top. Purple allamanda is native to Brazil and is a beautiful ornamental flower.

Image Courtesy: Pitcairn Islands

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