Commemorative banknote of China

06 Aug 2018  Mon

China’s central bank released a special set of a commemorative banknote to celebrate the space achievements in aerospace program and development. This 100 yuan banknote is illustrating different aerospace achievements on last 25 years of the country.

The obverse of this coin features Dongfanghong-1, the first satellite of China launched in April 1970. It also shows Shenzhou-9 spacecraft docked with China's first space lab, Tiangong-1. The first lunar orbit satellite Chang’e-1 launched in 2007 is also illustrated on it.

The reverse of this note depicts first Chinese aviator followed by an ARJ Xiangfeng with the first domestically made jet airline and Chinese space station set to complete by 2023. A 10 yuan coin was also issued to commemorate the space achievement of the country.

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