Square copper Paisa of Raja Bharat Shah

06 Aug 2018  Mon

According to the legend, this state was established in 1663 AD by Gond Raja Karkat Rai. This small state of some forty-five villages struggled with the varying degrees, the Poona Peshwa, Sindhia and the Pindaris. In December 1890 the state was taken under the control of British government. After Indian independence in 1947, the rulers of Makarai acceded to the Union of India.

Raja Bharat Shah ruled the state from 1886 to 1920 AD. The only coins ever minted in the state were the copper Paisa under British protection. Coins represented the Katar symbol on its obverse while the reverse of the coin depicts the Nagari legend ‘SHRI/MAK/RAI’.

This Square copper Paisa of Raja Bharat Shah was sold for INR 3,300 by Classical Numismatic Gallery. The obverse of this coin depicts the Dagger while the reverse of a coin inscribed with the Devanagari legend ‘Makrai’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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