Unique 1916 Oaxaca Gold 60 Pesos to be Auctioned

03 Aug 2018  Fri

A rare and interesting Oaxaca Gold 60 Pesos 1916 Struck Over a U.S. Liberty Head Eagle, graded AU53 NGC is going to be sold by Heritage Auctions at ANA WFOM US Coins Signature Auction in Philadelphia from 14th to 19th August.

The 16.7 grams large coin was struck in Oaxaca, Mexico by the provisional government during the revolution. The obverse features a portrait of Benito Juarez inside a wreath and a text Gold 60 PESOS ORO. The reverse depicts a liberty cap surrounded by balance scales under rays. An inscription reads REPUBLICA MEXICANA, fineness, date and TM for assayer Tomas Butron Miranda’s initials. Experts believe that only 21 such coins were minted out of which only a very few survive.

A gem example of one such coin was sold in 2005 for $74,750. The coin that’s offered currently was struck on a United States Motto Liberty eagle with an unknown date. It is almost 30% smaller than the dies, due to which many elements are partially off the coin.

The coin has a medium-gold colour with olive-gold hues on the border. Undertype designs can be seen slightly on both sides. The reverse has an outline of the eagle and shield while small traces of the U.S. motif. The coin was circulated for some time as it has some wear and minor marks. The reeding is full from the Liberty ten. American Numismatic Society had acquired the Original dies almost 100 years ago.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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