Gold Pagoda of Travancore

02 Aug 2018  Thu

This gold Pagoda was issued by the Princely State of Travancore around 1870 to 1931 AD, it weighs around 2.45 grams. This “about uncirculated” and “very rare” coin is auctioned by Todywalla Auction for INR 1, 00,000 to 1, 20,000 in its Auction No.117 going to take place on August 5th 2018.

The obverse of this coin features a conch shell in the centre with a wreath around it within a dotted circle and raised rim. The reverse of this coin depicts a legend in the centre inscribed in Tamil, which reads ‘Sri Padmanabha’ with a wreath around it within a dotted border and raised rim. The term Sri Padmanabha referred to the national deity of Travancore.

The significant factor of this coin is that it was struck for the weighing ceremony of the Maharaja of the Travancore; hence, it also called Tulabharam issue.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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