Silver Rupee of Nadir Shah

02 Aug 2018  Thu

The Afsharid dynasty was members of an Iranian dynasty that originated from Turkic Afshar Tribe in Iran’s northeastern province of Khorasan. The dynasty was founded by the brilliant military commander Nader Shah in 1736.

Nadir Shah invaded India in 1739 AD and defeated the Mughal army at the Battle of Karnal on 13 February 1739 and took Muhammad Shah, the Mughal emperors as captive, occupying Delhi in March 1739.

The terror of Nadir Shah spread quickly in Delhi and other parts of India. Coins were struck in his name from a place like Ahmadabad, Murshidabad, and Banaras. They all represent a very transient issue and are exceedingly rare.

This silver Rupee was struck at Ahmadabad mint in 1152 AH. The obverse of a coin depicts with Persian legend ‘Hast Sultan Bar Salateen Jahan Shah Shahan Nadir Sahib Qiran’ (Is the Sultan among sultans of this world/ Nadir, the king of Kings, the Lord of Conjunctions). The reverse of a coin inscribed with Khallada Allah Mulkahu Zarb Ahamadabad Sanah 1152’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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