Are you bidding on this coin!

01 Aug 2018  Wed

Today we ill like to highlight one of the masterpieces of Gupta Coinage, it is a gold dinar issued during the reign of King Kumaragupta. It is bided for INR 4, 00,000 to 5, 00,000 by the Todywalla Auction in its upcoming Auction on 5th August.

In this auction, you will find the maximum number of gold coins. The obverse of this coin depicts the king in a standing position facing right with a sash flowing from his waist. He is shown drawing a bow and shooting an arrow right into the mouth of the lion while the lion falls back. A Brahmi legend ‘Sakashadiva Mahendro Jayatyanisham’ is depicted around it.

The reverse of this coin depicts a goddess seated facing with one leg raised up and the other hanging down, seated on a lion reclining to the right side with holding a lotus in the left hand and showering coins with her right hand. A tamgha is seen at left with Brahami legend ‘Shri Mahendrasimha’ in the right field.

The very fine plus and very rare gold dinar weigh around 7.98 grams. If you are stunned by this beauty, you can get this coin in your collection.

So hurry up and bid for this exuberant coin!

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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