Jersey Post Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Jersey Overseas Aid

01 Aug 2018  Wed

Jersey Post issued 6 stamps on 12th July to honour the contributions of Jersey Overseas Aid and to commemorate the agency’s 50th anniversary. The organisation has worked hard for getting rid of poverty and suffering around the world by initiating various kinds of programs and social work activities.

The 50 pence stamp features photos of the Jersey cow program in Rwanda, the 65 pence stamp features a photo of famine relief in South Sudan, the 76p stamp features a photo of the tropical diseases program in Uganda, the 82p shows a picture of economic development in Nepal, the 94p stamp depicts a photo of rural livelihoods program in Madagascar and the £1.12 stamp features a photo of sand dam construction in Kenya.

The stamps were printed by Lowe-Martin using offset lithography in sheets of 10.

Image Courtesy: Jersey Post

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