Bavarian Embossed Arms Issues

30 Jul 2018  Mon

Between 1867 and 1875, Bavaria issued a brand new series of definitive postage stamps known as Embossed Arms issues. The stamps featured the embossed royal Bavarian coat of arms, with a coloured frame around it.

The Embossed Arms stamps were first issued in the year 1867 which included a set of eight stamps. They are imperforate and printed on unwatermarked paper and come with the denominations ranging from 1Kruezer to 18Kruezer.

The second set was issued at the beginning of 1870. This set of the embossed-arms-type design was issued in perforated panes. The stamps were of the same designs and colours as the imperforate issues, however, were issued with watermarks.

Between 1874 and 1875, the first high-denomination Bavarian stamps of the embossed-arms-type were issued. The stamps issued in 1874 were imperforate while the stamps issued in 1875 were perforated. The stamp came with the value of 1mark.

The last set of stamps of this type was issued in July 1875. These were the last Bavarian definitive postage stamps that were denominated in Kreuzer, and they were only in use for about six months. After January 1876, all Bavarian definitive postage stamps would be denominated in the currency of the German Empire i.e. Pfennig and Marks.

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