Spain Releases New Souvenir Sheet with Corrections

28 Jul 2018  Sat

Spain had issued a souvenir sheet with an error stamp in April which was re-released with corrections in May. The release was a part of the 12 Months 12 Stamps series that was introduced on 2nd January 2017 to celebrate a different province every month. The province of Leon was highlighted for the April release.

The non-denominated domestic-rate stamp depicted different items from food to architecture to landscapes related to Leon, inside the letters “L” and “E”. However, instead of the UNESCO World Heritage site Leon Cathedral, a picture of another cathedral in Burgos was featured by mistake.

The national post officials have apologised for their mistake. It was a very rare error and the corrected souvenir sheet was released on 25th May depicting a picture of the Leon Cathedral and an image of the original Leon stamp on it. The single stamp on the sheet features the rose window of the cathedral. There is perforation on the stamp and pointed glass windows.

Image Courtesy: Correos

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