First Stamps of Grand Duchy of Baden

28 Jul 2018  Sat

Located in southwestern Germany, Baden was a Grand Duchy and a member of the German Confederation. The State of Baden has existed since the 12th Century, but the Grand Duchy of Baden came into existence in 1806.

The first German States stamps for the Grand Duchy of Baden appeared in May of 1851. The stamps were typographed, imperforate, and printed in black on pale buff, orange, blue-green, and deep rose papers with the denominations of 1Kreuzer, 3Kreuzer, 6Kreuzer and 9Kreuzer respectively.

The first issues which were engraved in Frankfort depict the value in the centre surrounded by around flower with the beautifully intricate design. Word Baden and Freimarke (definitive stamp) are seen on the top and bottom square border.

In 1871, Baden became part of the German Empire. The postage stamps of Baden were replaced by those of the German Empire on January 1, 1872.

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