Coat Of Arms Stamps of Duchy of Baden

28 Jul 2018  Sat

In 1806, Baden, ruled by Charles Frederick, aided France in the final destruction of the Holy Roman Empire, and as a result, was elevated to Grand Duchy and became a part of Napoleon’s Confederation of the Rhine.

The dukes of Thurn und Taxis had great influence on the postal development of Baden. They established their own postal system and took over the postal organization. 1 May 1851, Baden joined the German-Austrian Postal Union and on the same day issued its first definitive stamps.

First stamps of Baden were imperforated. At the beginning of 1860, Baden issued perforated stamps. Also known as the Coat of Arms stamps, these stamps were new and improved. They were all printed on white paper, with a lined background.

Six stamps were issued with the denomination raging from 1Kruezer to 9Kruezer. The stamps depict the coat of arms of the state of Baden in the centre with a lined background within a square double border. The stamp is inscribed with ‘Baden’ at the top, the denomination at the bottom, ‘Freimarke (definitive)’ at left and Postverein (Postal Union) at right.

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