Highlights at ANA Platinum Night World Coins Auction

26 Jul 2018  Thu

The ANA Platinum Night World Coins auction will take place on 17th August at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia during the ANA World’s Fair of Money.

Highlights include heavy and light gold Staters, Hectes and a Trite of King Croesus of Lydia, Mnaieions and Trichrysons from Ptolemaic Egypt and Roman Imperatorial and Imperial Aurei of Sextus Pompey, Julius Caesar, Brutus, Augustus, Vitellius, Vespasian, Matidia, Diadumenian, Macrinus, Postumus etc. Silver coins like the Syracuse Decadrachm, signed by the master Euainetos and certified Choice AU by NGC; a Amphictionic Stater from Delphi and a Decadrachm of Arsinoe II. Other coins like Macedonian Kingdom gold Staters and Distaters of Alexander will also be offered.

An extremely are and well-preserved Charles and Johanna “Early Series” Rincón 8 Reales struck in 1538 in Mexico is one of the highlights. It is called the First Dollar of the Americas and is hitting the market after more than 10 years. The speculative issued is mentioned in contemporary documents but was never struck. Only three known examples exist today and the offered coin is the finest of them, graded AU50 by NGC. Many other fantastic coins would be offered during the sale like a potentially unique 1575-dated 2 Ducat of Riga.

Image Courtesy: ANA Platinum Night auction

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