Mouchon Stamps of France

26 Jul 2018  Thu

Between 1990 and 1929 three new types of definitive French stamps were issued. These types are known to French philatelists by their designers' names, instead of the design names. More famous among them is Mouchon Type Stamps.

Louis-Eugène Mouchon was a French painter, graphic artist, medalist, engraver and sculptor. He created state papers, stamps, coins, currency and medals. His most famous stamps are the Mouchon series and the Navigation & Commerce series of French postage stamps.

The Mouchon series was issued in the year 1900. The design depicts an allegorical representation of "France", holding a tablet inscribed "DROITS DE L'HOMME” (English: The Rights of Man). The stamps were issued with five different denominations and in five different colours, the lowest being the 10 French Centimes and the highest 30 French Centime.

Next to stamps for France, Mouchon also designed for Abyssinia, Argentina, Belgium (Brussels Exhibition), Greece, Guatemala, Luxemburg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Persia, Portugal and colonies, Russia and Serbia.

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