1925 Paris Philatelic Exhibition Souvenir Sheet

26 Jul 2018  Thu

The International Postage Stamp Exhibition is an exhibition of stamps and postal history where philatelists compete for medals and display their collection for the purpose of sale as well as in the form of an exhibition. It is common for commemorative covers and souvenir sheets to be produced for such an event.

The 1925 International Postage Stamp Exhibition was held in France. Hence, to commemorate this event France issued a massive souvenir sheet on May 2, 1925. The central feature of the sheet is a 5 Fr. denomination block of four of the Sage Type definitives, printed in Carmine.

The exposition was held in Paris, during May 1925, and these souvenir sheets were only made available for purchase at the exhibition, which would surely account for their rarity today. The sheet was sold in the Kelleher Auctions for $1,888.

Image Courtesy: https://www.stamp-collecting-world.com

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