Capitol shape coin of British Virgin Island

25 Jul 2018  Wed

In the spring of 1792, a competition was held, the prize was 500 dollars. It was held to see which architect could propose the best design for the Capitol building. A late entry from a young architect William Thornton was the source of the iconic shape of this historic structure. The United States Capitol also knew as Capitol Building and Capitol Hill is the headquarters of the US Congress in Washington DC.

To commemorate such an iconic structure, a brilliant coin was issued by the Pobjoy Mint in 2017. This coin replicated the design of this striking building with genius accuracy. The shape of this coin matches the shape of the caption hill and as the architect was born in British Virgin Island this coin became a very fitting tribute.

Only five thousand coins of this shape existed making it very rare and desirable for the collectors and fanatics. This 1 dollar nickel sliver also depicted an exclusive and new effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse side.

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