Arcot Three Swami Gold Pagoda Listed For INR 20,000

25 Jul 2018  Wed

Arcot was one of the Princely States during British rule in India. It is also Known as Carnatic. It is situated on the east coast of India between Madras and Calcutta. The word ‘Arcot’ is derived from ‘Tamil’ word ‘Aarukaadu’. The word ‘Aaru’ means ‘river’ and the word ‘Kaadu’ means forest; hence the word ‘Aarukaadu’ means ‘Forest of fig trees’.

This 3 swami gold Pagoda weighs around 3.4g was issued by Nawab of Arcot. The obverse of this coin depicts standing Balaji which his wives Bhudevi and Sridevi on both sides. The reverse of the coin has a granulated field inscribed with the Persian letter ‘Ain’.

This rare gold pagoda is listed for INR 20,000 at Todywalla Auction which will be held on 5 August 2018.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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