Famous Error on the Rose stamp

25 Jul 2018  Wed

In 1978, a rose stamp with the face value of 13p was issued by the Royal Mail on the centenary of Royal National Rose Society. This stamp is dubbed as the most important error stamp of the 20th century. The peculiarity that made it so famous is the absence of face value on the several sheets of stamps.

The error that appeared on these stamps was discovered before issuing it in circulation, so the majority of these fascinating stamps were destroyed. Today only three stamps exist in the world from this specimen. Two of the stamps are owned by the Queen and the third specimen is bought by some anonymous collector for 118,317 dollars at the Stanley Gibbons auction in 2015.

This misprinted rose stamp is very rare and valuable, thus it is highly sought after stamps by the collectors.

Image Courtesy: lovemoney.com

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