1st Europa Stamp of Faroe Islands

24 Jul 2018  Tue

Europa is an annual joint issue of stamps with a common design or theme by postal administrations of member countries of the European Communities. Faroe Island’s first Europa issue came in the year 1979. The autonomous government of the Faroe Islands is not part of the European Union; however the Kingdom of Denmark is part of the union, thus the issue of the Faroe Islands EUROPA stamps.

The stamp issue also coincided with the 60th Anniversary of Faroe Island Stamps. Though the first official Faroe Islands stamps appeared in 1975, because of the wartime provisional overprints, the islands proudly commemorated the 60th anniversary of their postage stamps!

The two annual EUROPA stamps were issued on May 7, 1979. The designs feature the wartime provisional issues of 1919. The 140 ore denomination features the provisional bisect and the 80 ore denomination features the two ore provisional overprint. Both of these rare provisional stamps were used during January 1919.

Image Courtesy: https://www.stamp-collecting-world.com

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