New Canadian Coin Features Star Trek Space Station

24 Jul 2018  Tue

The Royal Canadian Mint released a new Proof 2018 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine silver $20 coin in the shape of a space station. The same space station is featured on the popular TV series Star Trek which celebrates its 25th anniversary. Modern minting techniques like edge contouring and vibrant colours are used to produce the coins. The new edge shaping technology allows the engraved design to extend from the faces till the rim. The station’s contours like the recessed docking bays are wonderfully recreated on the coins. The station’s edge contour is 6.5 times deeper than standard minting.

The coin has an outer docking ring that aligns with the edge. The ring has 12 docking ports and several thrusters. The high docking pylons reach the inner habitat ring, which is linked to a spherical central core. The full-colour image fills the field of the reverse while the Bajoran wormhole adds colours to the visual of a Bajoran system. The obverse has a fine colour around the engraved legends. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is depicted at the centre.

The 30.75 grams coin has a mintage limit of 4,500 pieces and can be purchased for $149.95 Canadian.

Image Courtesy: Royal Canadian Mint

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