Danish Skilling Bi-Color Issues

23 Jul 2018  Mon

definitive postage stamps of Denmark to use the name of the country in the inscriptions.

After the single-colour skilling stamps of Denmark, new bi-colour stamps were issued almost 20 years later. A set of new six stamps were in use between 1870 and 1871, and they are known as the Skilling Bi-Color Issues by Danish philatelists. What makes this new series of definitive postage stamps so interesting is the bi-product of their production methodology.

The central part of the design of these new Danish stamps consists of a coloured oval, containing inscriptions, a wreath, and a crowned-circle with the denomination. Around this oval is an ornate outer frame, printed in a different colour.

These stamps are all denominated in Danish Rigsbank Dalers. The stamps were issued with different denominations ranging from 2sk to 48sk.

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