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23 Jul 2018  Mon

Starting a collection can be tricky. But we are making it easy for you. Select from our wide range of coin, notes and stamps categories.

1. Ancient: Tales of the bygone eras are best known through numismatics. Buy the coins that bear witness to some of the old and the prosperous city-states and empires of the Indian Subcontinent.

2. Mughal: Numismatic art prospered during the Mughal era. This era marks an unparalleled development in calligraphy and coin designs. Buy Mughal Era coins which are a pride of every collection.

3. Princely States: The history of the Indian subcontinent is sprinkled with kings and kingdoms that rose to power and fell during the British Raj, some of them known only through their coins. Possess such unique metal pieces of the Princely State history.

4. Colonial (British etc.): The fabled riches of India brought the westerners to its coast and from there starts a new chapter in the country’s history. Buy the coins of Colonial time which redefined the coinage systems in India.

5. Republic India: The pride of an independent country is its currency. Buy the Republic India coins featuring the current facade of Ashokan Lion Capital (National Emblem) along with the wide plethora of mints and designs. These coins can definitely build up to be an interesting collection.

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