Silver double Tanka of Nasir al-Din Sikandar Shah

20 Jul 2018  Fri

Gujarat Sultanate was a late medieval kingdom established in the early 15th Century. It was established by Zafar Khan (son of Sadharan, a Tanka Rajput) in the year 1396. He was appointed as a Governor of Gujarat by Nasir-ud-din Muhammad Bin Tughluq IV in the year 1391 AD.

Sikandar Shah, the elder son of Sultan Muzaffar Shah II of Gujarat was briefly installed on the throne following his father's death in 1526. His coins are amongst the rarest in the entire Sultans of Gujarat series.

The above shown silver double Tanka was one of the rare issues of this short-lived sultan. The obverse a coin depicts the Arabic legend ‘al-Wathiq Billah al-Manan Abu al-Fatah Nasir al-Dunyawa al-Din’ within a scalloped circle. The reverse shows the legend al-Sultan Sikandar Shah bin Muzaffar Shah.

This coin was sold for INR1,90,000 by Classical Numismatic Gallery.

Image Courtesy: Numismatic Gallery

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