First Stamps of New Brunswick

19 Jul 2018  Thu

New Brunswick is named after the German Duchy of "Braunschweig" (English: Brunswick), the ancestral home of the Hanoverian family of King George III of Great Britain.

The colony of New Brunswick was created in 1784 when it and Prince Edward Island were politically separated from the existing Crown Colony of Nova Scotia. New Brunswick stamps first appeared in 1851.

The stamps were issued in a diamond shape. They feature a crown in the centre with rose top and bottom, thistle and shamrock, symbolizing the English, Scots, and Irish nature of the colony. These stamps are imperforate, and they are printed on bluish-tinted paper.

The stamps come in three denominations and 5 different colours which are given below. 3 Pence – Red
3 Pence - Dark Red
6 P Pence – Yellowish green
12 Pence - Red Violet
12 Pence – Violet

New Brunswick is now one of Canada's three Maritime Provinces.

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