Nawanagar copper Dhinglo

18 Jul 2018  Wed

Nawanagar was founded by Sri Rawalji in the year 1540 AD. He was a Jadeja ruler of Kutch and the Princely State during his rule was always in a constant state of war with its neighbours and with the Mughal Empire. Nawanagar had signed the Instrument of Accession in 1948 AD after Indian Independence.

This copper Dhinglo depicted beside was issued in Nawanagar princely state. This coin is copied designs of Shams al-Din Muzaffar Shah III, Sultan of Gujarat. This coin has additional inscription ‘Shri A Sa’ in Nagari below the name of the Sultan on the obverse.

The meaning of the Devanagari legend is uncertain; it perhaps refers to Ajoji, the son of Jam Sataji, who was killed at the battle of Bhuchar Mori fighting Akbar’s Mughal army.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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