Provisional Korce Stamps

18 Jul 2018  Wed

Provisional Korce stamps were the first philatelic issues of Autonomous Albanian Republic of Korce which was an autonomous state established in 1916, by the local French forces during World War I and lasted till 1920.

The Korce region of Albania had been "liberated" from the Ottoman Turks by the Greek Army in 1912. In 1916, the Korce region was again liberated by the French Army. In 1914 way before the French annexation, Provisional Korce stamps were issued during 1914.

The two provisional Korce stamps were hand stamped. The design consists of the double-headed Albanian Eagle and the French inscription "COMMISSION DE CONTROIE PROVISOIRE / KORCA" (English: "Provisional Control Commission / Korce"). The stamps were stamped with the denominations 10 Para and 25 Para.

The violet and red colour printed on white paper looks really beautiful. These stamps have become a wonderful rarity and a unique historical piece.

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