Canadian banknote featuring Viola Desmond

17 Jul 2018  Tue

On International women's day, Bank of Canada issued new 10 Dollar banknote featuring the portrait of Viola Desmond. The image of this note was selected by the Finance Minister Morneau following an open call to the citizen of Canada to nominate an iconic Canadian woman.

Viola Desmond was a successful Black Nova Scotian businesswoman that refused the whites-only area of a movie theatre in 1946. She was subsequently jailed, convicted and fined for it. Her case in the court is one of the first known legal challenges against the racial segregation brought forth by the Black Women in Canada.

The reverse of this note depicts the image and symbol of the ongoing struggle of Canada for the pursuit of rights and freedom. This note is the first vertical note issued in Canada to differentiate it with its currently circulated polymer note.

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