Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma

16 Jul 2018  Mon

Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma was the 9th President of India serving from 1992 to 1997; he received 66 % of the Electoral College. Dr Sharma was also the 8th Vice President of India serving under R. Venkataraman. He was born on 19th August 1918 in Bhopal and was educated in St. John's College, Agra College, Punjab University and Lucknow University.

In the 1940s, Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma entered politics by joining the resistance of Indian national Congress struggle for Indian independence from the British. He was arrest for leading the resistance in Bhopal when the Nawab of Bhopal expressed his wish to retain the Bhopal Princely State as a separate Unit.

Dr Sharma served on many influential positions in independent India; he served as the governor of the three states in India. He also served as a member in the Lok Sabha from Bhopal and also served as the chairman of the Rajya Sabha.

On 26 December 1999, he suffered a massive heart attack and was cremated at Karma Bhumi.

Image Courtesy: stampexindia.com

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