Cathedral Basilica of Trani on New Italian Coins

13 Jul 2017  Thu

The Cathedral Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta of Trani is one of the most popular destinations of Puglia. Made out of limestone, the structure follows the Romanesque-Pugliese architecture style. The Italian mint released a special 10 euro silver coin from the Italian Series of the Arts on 9th July featuring the world-famous Basilica. Engraver artist Uliana Pernazza designed the coins which have a mintage limit of 4,000 pieces for the “proof” version.

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta of Trani is featured on the obverse. More importance is given to the arched decorations of sculptures. Other inscriptions include REPUBLIC ITALIAN and the author’s name “U. Pernazza “.

Decorative architectural elements from the Chair of Santa Maria Assunta di Trani are featured on the reverse. Other inscriptions include “ITALIA DELLE ARTI”; the denomination “10 EURO”, year of issue “2018”; “R”, mint mark of the Mint of Rome; and “TRANI”.

Image Courtesy: Italian Mint

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