Jersey Post's Honey Scented Stamps

11 Jul 2018  Wed

The sweet and viscous liquid extracted from the beehives is equally dear to both adults and children. This natural sweetener is welcome in all the meals. Our diet is incomplete without it. If you have it with green tea or warm lemon water it will help you to reduce weight. If spread on a toast or a waffle; it will make your deserts complete. If added along with spices it will give your food a remarkable zing.

This versatile food is honoured by Jersey Post with a set of six stamps in September 2017 to celebrate 100 years of The Jersey Beekeepers Association. These stamps are infused with a honey scent.

Ranging from 49 pence to 1.07 pounds, this set of six stamps feature different steps of the honey making process. These stamps show beautiful computerized illustrations and are infused with honey scent.

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