Stamp on Stamps by the Czech Republic

11 Jul 2018  Wed

On 20th June, the Czech Republic issued a souvenir sheet to celebrate the first Czechoslovak stamps' 100th anniversary. The sheet features 33 different stamps out of which, eight stamp images are actually included on postage stamps in the new souvenir sheet while the other stamp images are on perforated labels. The sheet looks like pages of a stamp album with important Czechoslovak and Czech stamps. The sheet contains a 27-koruna stamp and a 44kc stamp with an emblem of Praga 2018, the specialized world stamp exhibition that will be organised from 15th to 18th August in Prague.

Images of eight Czechoslovak stamps on the 27kc stamp include a 1919 25-haler semipostal depicting a Bohemian lion breaking its chains, a 1918 Windhover newspaper stamp, a 1938 Legionnaires commemorative, a 1945 newspaper stamp depicting a newspaper delivery boy, and a 1953 Josef Dobrovsky commemorative, a 5h Coat of Arms definitive 1931 stamp, the 1947 Grief commemorative for the fifth anniversary of the destruction of Lidice and a 1962 1.60kc Praga commemorative. The image of that 1962 commemorative is continued on a label that has more images of stamps of Czechoslovakia. The Czech Republic’s first stamp, the 3kc National Arms issued Jan. 20, 1993 is featured on another label.

The 44kc stamp features a 14kc stamp from the 2003 Tropical Fish sheet, a 2010 Beauty of Flowers stamp, the 2013 Europa stamp showing a horse-pulled vehicle used to deliver parcels, the 2016 Art stamp showing Clown with Monkey by Frantisek Tichy, a 1998 stamp depicting Charles IV and the stamp from the 2014 souvenir sheet honouring the 670th anniversary of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

Image Courtesy: Czech Republic Post

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