Singapore Wedding Jewellery Stamps

10 Jul 2018  Tue

Singapore Post has issued a special Wedding Jewellery souvenir Sheet featuring four exquisite and intricate necklaces used during weddings.

The first stamp in the series features a Heavenly Match necklace. The necklace has an interlocking dragon and phoenix motifs. According to the Chinese traditions, mythical creatures brings good fortune and protection.

The second stamp is of a Peranakan Intan necklace with flora and fauna motifs. This piece has been designed in an art nouveau style combined with Asian aesthetics.

The third stamp features a Mangalsutra, an ornate necklace of yellow gold with a design based on a wedding bell. This is one of the many jewellery items worn by an Indian bride symbolizing different aspects of the union with her husband.

The fourth stamp is of a necklace with diamonds set in yellow gold. This piece, named My Fair Lady, is inspired by the jewellery worn by members of the Eurasian community.

Sheets come with four $10 stamps with a total face value of $40. These sheets are specially printed using offset lithography with 22K gold and shiny film hot foiling with embossing to bring out the intricacy and details of the necklaces.

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