First International Stamp of Ethiopia

06 Jul 2018  Fri

Though Ethiopia issued her first stamps in the year 1894 they were only for the local mail. The first stamps of Ethiopia valid for international mail came in the year 1909.

Prior to that, international mail from Ethiopia had to be additionally franked with the stamps of UPU members. In the year 1908 Ethiopia entered UPU (Universal Postal Union). Hence, to celebrate the admission of Ethiopia to the UPU 3 new stamps were issued.

The stamps were issued with three colours and three denominations. The lowest denomination stamp of ¼ Ethiopian guerche was blue and white in colour. ½ Ethiopian guerche stamps are in red and white and the highest denomination stamps of 1 Ethiopian guerche are tricoloured.

The stamp depicts the Throne of Solomon. The stamps are inscribed with “POSTES ETHIOPIENNES” and the denomination in both Latin and Amharic (the official language of Ethiopia).

The stamps are adorned with the intricate design of flowers making them one of the most beautiful stamps in the world.

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