First Yeti Stamps of Bhutan

04 Jul 2018  Wed

Yeti – the hairy hominid of the mountains of Himalayas is a beloved topic of the folklore of the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Superstition or not, the Abominable Snowman is featured on many stamps of Bhutan. It was in the year 1966; Yeti was featured on the stamps of Bhutan for the first time.

Actually, there are three creatures referred to as the Yeti. The Meh-teh is a man-sized ape-like creature with thick reddish-brown to black fur, a conical head, and long arms which reach almost to its knees. It always walks on two legs.

The Dzu-teh is a large bear-like creature, usually seen walking on four legs but occasionally on two. It leaves behind clawed footprints. Locals say it raids livestock holdings. It is very likely to be some kind of bear.

The Teh-lma is another ape-like creature, smaller than the Meh-teh. The Teh-lma is about three to four feet tall with a pointed head and reddish fur.

The stamps which were issued in the year 1966 are triangular and come in different denominations and colours. The stamps depict images of the above-mentioned yetis featured in various mythologies.

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